Don’t Stop Believing

Tony Soprano and the Don (ald) Remember when HBO presented their take on a mob family. Fans of the Sopranos were enamored with Tony. We were all concerned about his well-being. No one wanted anything bad to happen to him. We gasped every time another guido planned to take Tony out and we rooted for […]


This is bananas. I was thinking about how the President cherry picked the fruit salad he now presents to us. Every person goes to the White House expecting a plum assignment. And expecting a few honeydews from the boss. This they would do with no sour grapes. But lettuce examine this huckleberry, this grape-nut. He […]

GOLF: The Cheater’s Game

Go ahead Slice me Up It is such a simple, straightforward game, Golf. Hit you’re ball with a club. Find the ball and hit it again. For most casual golfers who cheat a little bit, an out-of-bounds hit, once in a while, finds its way to a miraculous save via an unsolicited drop kick of […]

Campaign of Shame & Blame

I am tired of tip toeing around the issue.When a Republican forwards a doctored video or piece of fake news or launches personal attacks in a bullying fashion, we must call out that individual with a pointed finger of shame. They must feel personal responsibility in the most personal way. I call on everyone to […]

Equality? Act

5/17/19, the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, a law to codify protections for LGBTQ folks. It got 263 yes votes. But I question the 173 no votes. How would these white, Republican men feel about being discriminated against for their whiteness. Yes, I am a white man, but that gives me no power […]

Shame, Shame, Shame!

On You! For those who originally supported Donald Trump, I will give you a pass for your initial support of this lying joker we call President. You were warned but you voted what you thought was your interests. Now he is a Proven Liar and a Proven Law Breaker for all the subpoenas he and […]

I Give Up, Don’t Shoot Me (A*hole)

People without guns John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Zwickert, Malcolm X, George Moscone, Harvey Milk, John Lennon, Anwar Sadat, Alan Berg, Selena, Clementa Pickney These are just some of the people assassinated, killed, murdered by guns. The victim, Stephen Zwickert, 16 years old, an honor student at Regis High […]