Better off dead or My Pre-Existing Condition.

My Pre-Existing Condition and Lack of Coverage

I admit. I did not carry any health insurance all during my entrepreneurial attempts. I know what I was thinking. I would be turned down for ANY health insurance. I had a pre-existing condition since I was a child. For those who read my bio, you may remember my heart surgery when I was 6 years old. For this reason, I would inevitably be turned down for ANY coverage I applied for. So I just let it slide.

I had the fortunate fate. I got sick while Obama was president. A real leader, (who many Trump supporters say “well Obama lied too” While ignoring the fact that President Trump lies every hour, of every day. They claim that a Civil War will occur, if and WHEN Trump is defeated in a FAIR election. And yes, they will win the first battles, seeing as they hold most of the guns. But, maybe naively, I am counting on “the military” and law enforcement, who Trump says support him, to take up arms against any insurrection by sore losers. I can only hope that they love this country more than Trump.) Trump better be careful not to shoot someone on 5th Ave if he is not president. Eh, what’s one more crime.

Their line is that Obama promised you can keep your doctor. Trump’s answer, you CAN’T have a doctor. I was lucky enough to live in the Blue Zone, the NY Metropolitan area, where we care about our neighbors. (I can’t speak for the Red States.)

No Patience for Pre-Existing Conditions

I was diagnosed with Heart Failure and I had a stroke, due to my undiagnosed High Blood pressure. The doctors I did see in SC for flu symptoms recognized my high blood pressure, but would not treat me for it. For want of $10 worth of medicine, I was left to my own disease.

I don’t understand how my Trump supporting in-laws, who get their medical covered for free by the Navy (dropped out of the academy due to a brain tumor, how’s that for a pre-existing condition) and the local municipal government, are still DJT Supporters. Must be nice, not to worry about healthcare, while routing for the tearing down of the administrative state.

Trump’s Big Ego Belly

I would be dead if Trump had his way. I got sick at just the right time: During Obamacare, before Trump’s promise to make Republicans the party of health-scare. Now, if only Trump would get sick.Oh, That’s Right, he has government health care. But maybe, just maybe, he will go see his NY Doctor who said he is in better shape than ALL the presidents who preceded him. Boy I’m glad that doctor was not involved in my care. Mr. Trump doesn’t worry about pre-existing conditions, he can afford to pay a doctor to say anything in defense of his abnormally hugh belly, I mean ego.

Now, thanks to my stroke disabilities, I am forced (thankfully) into Medicare, I don’t think they can deny me based on pre-existing conditions. Finally. Thank you, Mr. Obama.


Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself and other rich white guys.

I would be dead except for Obamacare.

Maybe that is Trump’s plan. Let all those people without money die, that way only the rich white guys will survive. Again, he has miscalculated, the rich white guys would not be rich if they did not have any workers to earn their money.

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