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Bobby Bluechainz, is my nom de plum.

Internet Slow, No Tracking

Of course, with the launching of this site, I have been spending many hours working this website and associated applications.

Late Sunday afternoon I began noticing my gmail was taking an inordinate amount of time to deliver my gmail to another gmail account. Furthermore, it was taking a long bit to open the settings.

At the same time my Google Analytics was showing zero traffic, although I had paid for and was being delivered consistently, web traffic. Up until this time I was experiencing a steady on-site audience of 20 or so international internet surfers. I was also having trouble accessing a statistical bitly account.

Vladimir Putin on a whim

I began to speculate “What if this is a test of ERISS (the Emergency Russian Internet Screw-over System)” And what if, the test being successful, is just a precursor to the maddening mayhem that Mr. Putin has planned as a summer distraction. Vlad won’t stop there. The electric grid, cell phone networks, and banking systems are all next. A part of his diabolical plan to cause widespread destruction on the west. And Donald Trump just says “He says he didn’t do it. I trust him.”

Vain Leader

Like we need further proof, that we have a leader who is too vain to accept that he was elected, in part, due to help from the Russians. A leader who ignores seasoned intelligence officials who have warned about this, going back to the inauguration. A leader, so infantile that he cannot focus on or read thoroughly enough, his Presidential Daily Brief. That is, without pictures and graphs, and lots of them.

Reliance on Modernity

We, as a society, have become reliant on modern conveniences and communications. No matter what we think of this president, there are certain things that need to be addressed, not ignored.

Protect Us Donald

Donald Trump would probably tell the nation that he is not leaving office because only he can fix it. Here’s a real thought, why don’t you fix it before it happens, then leave office with the thanks of a grateful nation. Otherwise, you have no clue what Vlad has in store for you.

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