Hong Kong – Protests

I don’t know if you’ve seen the video on the Fake News. Almost 2 million of the 7 million residents took to the streets in non-violent protest over a proposed law that would allow the local government to extradite people to mainland China. First, I would not like being subjected to the murky criminal process […]

Bobby Bluechainz – Protect Us

Bobby Bluechainz, is my nom de plum. Internet Slow, No Tracking Of course, with the launching of this site, I have been spending many hours working this website and associated applications. Late Sunday afternoon I began noticing my gmail was taking an inordinate amount of time to deliver my gmail to another gmail account. Furthermore, […]

David Akadjian – what we can spend the Wall money on

https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/8/14/1559053/-Ten-things-we-could-buy-with-25-billion-other-than-a-wall?detail=emaildkcc In this article, David Akadjian offers 10 alternatives on which we could spend the $25 Billion Donald Trump wants for his wall Spending Options His options range from hiring 50,000 teachers for 10 years, performing 50,000 miles of road repair, and feeding 3.4 million hungry for a year. His other options are even more […]

Adam Schiff – wants oversight of Barr

The ability to declassify stuff is the most sensitive action allowed under our government. To just abdicate the responsibilities as President Trump has done, is unconscionable. The level of contemplation that should accompany such action is grievous. If William Barr, who has already proven himself a partisan in the pocket of the President, declassifies stuff […]

Robert Mueller – Testify

Some say that by testifying you will be loading the scales of justice in favor of the Democrats. But I say that by NOT testifying you are loading the scale in BIG favor of the President. Every moment you are silent, he disparages you, your team, and the work that you faithfully accomplished. Some, like […]

Nancy Pelosi – It Is Time

It is time to start impeachment proceedings. If the House finds no high crimes and misdemeanors. Then at least you will have fulfilled your constitutional obligations. So, you might have to navigate some political headwinds. (Not a reason not to and probably growing a lot more favorable) Just because the Senate slithers away from its […]

Justin Amash – Read the Report

Congressman Justin Amash a very conservative Republican from Michigan announced that as a result of actually reading the Mueller report, he was now in support of Impeachment proceedings. Mr. Amash is a principled tea-party republican who understands the stress placed on our system by a president who breaks the law. He believes, as do I, […]