Mitch McConnell is a Russian Agent

This is what I believe. Now let’s look at the facts. In 2016, before the election Mitch McConnell was briefed by the FBI that Russia was interfering with our election. Not only did he refuse to tell us, the American people, that it was happening. He refused then, as he refuses now, to take any […]

Fuck You, Donald Trump!

Please excuse my colorful language, but I am pissed. WE, as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA are holding/imprisoning babies, yes babies and children less than ten years old in border facilities in Texas. Some have been locked up for 30 days or more with no toothbrush and no soap and no access to clean themselves. […]

Russia, If You are Listening

Stay the F*ck Away from Our Elections. Of all the conclusions in the Mueller Report this is the most disturbing. All the Trump folks want to talk about is the president’s liability, or lack thereof. They, and their president want to ignore this conclusion, waiting for it to happen again, more help. This is why […]

Equality? Act

5/17/19, the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, a law to codify protections for LGBTQ folks. It got 263 yes votes. But I question the 173 no votes. How would these white, Republican men feel about being discriminated against for their whiteness. Yes, I am a white man, but that gives me no power […]