Trump is a Socialist

We were led to believe that bailouts were bad. The Republicans complained about bailing out the Auto Industry when their banker friends were the reason for the decline. Now, the farm industry is being bailed out to the tune of 24 billion dollars. Paying off effective industries is the definition of socialism. Yes, the affected […]

Mitch McConnell is a Russian Agent

This is what I believe. Now let’s look at the facts. In 2016, before the election Mitch McConnell was briefed by the FBI that Russia was interfering with our election. Not only did he refuse to tell us, the American people, that it was happening. He refused then, as he refuses now, to take any […]

Campaign of Shame & Blame

I am tired of tip toeing around the issue.When a Republican forwards a doctored video or piece of fake news or launches personal attacks in a bullying fashion, we must call out that individual with a pointed finger of shame. They must feel personal responsibility in the most personal way. I call on everyone to […]

Shame, Shame, Shame!

On You! For those who originally supported Donald Trump, I will give you a pass for your initial support of this lying joker we call President. You were warned but you voted what you thought was your interests. Now he is a Proven Liar and a Proven Law Breaker for all the subpoenas he and […]