Warning: The following post contains a few expletives. Don’t read it if you are sensitive, but I suggest you read it if you THINK you are informed. I am pissed off. A couple of weeks ago, I posted “RIP The Rule of Law”. I posted this after President Trump fired Lt. Col. Alex Vindman. (He […]

Trump is a Socialist

We were led to believe that bailouts were bad. The Republicans complained about bailing out the Auto Industry when their banker friends were the reason for the decline. Now, the farm industry is being bailed out to the tune of 24 billion dollars. Paying off effective industries is the definition of socialism. Yes, the affected […]

Fuck You, Donald Trump!

Please excuse my colorful language, but I am pissed. WE, as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA are holding/imprisoning babies, yes babies and children less than ten years old in border facilities in Texas. Some have been locked up for 30 days or more with no toothbrush and no soap and no access to clean themselves. […]

Donald Trump – He’s Dead Wrong

When Donald Trump was interviewed last night by George Stephanopolis, he was asked whether he would call the FBI if offered dirt on a opponent by a foreign government. After answering in the affirmative, he was told his FBI director said it was criminal. Here Donald Trump spoke up, saying “He is wrong.” But aide […]

Bobby Bluechainz – Protect Us

Bobby Bluechainz, is my nom de plum. Internet Slow, No Tracking Of course, with the launching of this site, I have been spending many hours working this website and associated applications. Late Sunday afternoon I began noticing my gmail was taking an inordinate amount of time to deliver my gmail to another gmail account. Furthermore, […]

I Believe “Him”

Any accusation, any reported action, any “claim” of non-responsibility is always met with the same response. “Well he says he did not do it. I believe him.” Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, Roy Moore, Bret Kavanaugh, Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Bill O’Reilly. How gullible do you have to be or disingenuous? This is besides […]

Victim of Love

Yes we have a winner. Donald Trump. For all his faults, he plays this role to perfection. First, he “suggests” that his campaign, and he, were SPIED on by people in the OTHER party. Then he says that he completely cooperated with “the witch hunt”. Finally, he claims that after his “exoneration”, democrats are hung […]

Don’t Stop Believing

Tony Soprano and the Don (ald) Remember when HBO presented their take on a mob family. Fans of the Sopranos were enamored with Tony. We were all concerned about his well-being. No one wanted anything bad to happen to him. We gasped every time another guido planned to take Tony out and we rooted for […]


This is bananas. I was thinking about how the President cherry picked the fruit salad he now presents to us. Every person goes to the White House expecting a plum assignment. And expecting a few honeydews from the boss. This they would do with no sour grapes. But lettuce examine this huckleberry, this grape-nut. He […]

GOLF: The Cheater’s Game

Go ahead Slice me Up It is such a simple, straightforward game, Golf. Hit you’re ball with a club. Find the ball and hit it again. For most casual golfers who cheat a little bit, an out-of-bounds hit, once in a while, finds its way to a miraculous save via an unsolicited drop kick of […]