How many Climate Change Deniers does it take?

to drive the agenda?…

I know that we are all being affected daily by climate change. I have personally been touched by this scourge. My home hosted over 5 feet of seawater guided by Super Storm Sandy. Our entire neighborhood was destroyed in a scene reminiscent of tornado damage in Alabama. Frames of houses were scattered like matchsticks in a dirty ashtray.

Some of us had woefully inadequate flood insurance that barely covered some of our belongings and short term rent for temporary shelter, Many thanks go to the Army Corp of Engineers for their dune work to help guard against future flooding, but theirs was not the only civic requirement.

Bi-partisan Recognition

At least our President, Barack Obama and our governor, Chris Christie did all in their power to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. They stood up for people and put the resources of our government to work for us. Unfortunately, the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue does not care about people or the mounting disasters that face us.

Partisan Stonewalling

He does not care about his political opponents in Puerto Rico who have suffered devastating losses as a result of a hurricane, Maria, That freak of a storm was fueled in its enormity and strength by climate change. President Trump promises, although he has lied many times before, that he will take money designated by Congress for the island’s recovery and rebuilding, and spend it on his wall.

However, if climate change does a number on his resort, Maralago, before he spends the money on his wall, believe me, he will rededicate Puerto Rico’s money to rebuild his resort, because it serves his customers.

All I have to say is “Don’t trust the SOB”.

About 35%

My Texas friend, who works hauling dirty water from the Oilfields, does not want to hear about Climate Change. His take is, It doesn’t affect him right now, and any solution will adversely affect the oil and gas industry owned by the billionaires. (I will later get into his belief in the need for the wealthy.) He laughs at any attempt to address the underlying causes of Climate Change.


I don’t have the answer to climate change, but I know that we must do something, otherwise all of Texas will turn into a desert, Florida will transform from an oceanfront state to only ocean, and Oklahoma will remain just a Broadway musical meant to entertain New York liberals. Beside, what good is being rich and making money without having control of all the renewable resources?

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