Warning: The following post contains a few expletives. Don’t read it if you are sensitive, but I suggest you read it if you THINK you are informed.

I am pissed off. A couple of weeks ago, I posted “RIP The Rule of Law”. I posted this after President Trump fired Lt. Col. Alex Vindman. (He was angry that someone told the truth.)(I might have posted this when Bill Barr complained about the federal sentencing guidelines being applied to Roger Stone, one of Trump’s closest buddies. There is SO much of this shit, it was only a week or two ago, but it feels more like a couple years.) It was suggested by some (one) that I let it go. I was going to, as I was just expressing my opinion (I believe this is STILL legal, right?). Well now I am PISSED OFF.

Coronavirus is REAL. 21,000 infections in Italy. Over 140,000 infections worldwide. But our government doesn’t want to act. Donald Trump is afraid of identifying infections because of the stock market. He has been LYING to you. He said that a couple weeks ago there were 15 infections in the US, soon to be zero. But he didn’t want to bring American’s on the cruise ship off California back to our shores, because he did not want to increase the NUMBER of infections in America. In fact, he called it a hoax by Democrats and the fake news. Now he says “We have this under control!” NOT! And his lies are being echoed by right wing media con-artists like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. My first question to Republicans, How do like Donald Trump’s extermination of the administrative state? Sounded good to you, but now how does it look? My suggestion to all wives (or husbands for that matter) in Republican families is to vote out Donald Trump, you can TELL your spouse that you are voting for him, but remember your vote is isolated within a curtained voting booth. At least I think you have more protective instincts about your family than Donald Trump or the Republican party. Trump has NO compassion for anyone. Do you really want him to still be in charge next year if COVID-19 is still around (likely). Again, we wait for women to save us.

Donald Trump has been lying to you for years. (think: I don’t know David Duke, biggest crowds, etc., etc., etc: You KNOW what I am talking about. Too many lies to remember. But most do not have the impact of this) Coronavirus infections will soon go to zero by miracle. This, from a person who doesn’t even believe in God. Do you really believe he has been tested for Coronavirus? (Maybe he is being tested, by God) I don’t believe ANYTHING he says anymore. Now, meaning this period of time, not just today, we have been promised tests for Coronavirus. Testing is critical to tracking the virus. The president has been promising tests for weeks, but there is never a fixed date. The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) have had a good test available for months. But we could not use their test. I suspect DJT wanted the commercial sector to develop a test so he could give them more money. (imagine The Ivanka Trump Designer COVID-19 Test – only for us idiot, believer Democrats. ALL these tests would likely result in positive results, so she could make more money by requiring retests.)

At least Nancy Pelosi is taking this seriously. And Rep. Katie Porter’s pressure on administration officials to guarantee government coverage of testing cost is beyond commendable. (Under oath, I don’t know if that means anything to anyone in this administration.) But who knows if Mitch McConnell will bring the house bill to the floor of the Senate. Trillion dollar tax cuts for Corporations (paying for stock buybacks) is much more important than the economic security of individual citizens, more important than food security for American’s, or the surety of financial stability for unemployed individuals. Donald Trump’s plan is for a payroll tax cut, for individuals, but the main effect is lower taxes for corporations, since they wouldn’t have to pay their portion either. Plus a payroll tax cut would be of little use to people who’ve lost their jobs or are in the gig economy.

Now the President, it is said, is pissed off at Rona Romney McDaniel for self quarantining, a reasonable response to possible infection. Note Mr. President, the virus doesn’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Socialist, or whatever party. Of course there are reports of several infected people from Mar-a-lago, and CPAC, and the Republicans in Congress who have been making light of this crises are now in self-quarantine. But NO Donald is impervious to this and all disease. Remember, he is the healthiest human to ever walk the face of the earth. Of course we have Rep. Matt Gaetz who wore a gas mask on the floor of the House, now quarantining himself because of possible exposure. And then there is that jerk Devin Nunes and the governor of Oklahoma who suggest people go out to pubs and bars to party. And now I hear that Rep. Louis Goemert (pyle) has held up the house relief bill. What a tool.

Note: I just had to go turn off the news because President Trump was spouting more lies in the press conference. Him speaking gives me even more jitters than anything else. He wants us to take our news from Fox, but they are almost as bad as him. He needs a diaper for his mouth to catch all the diarrhea that runs out. You may say that I should believe him. Why? He has lied over 16,000 times just in the last three years. You say that I should show him respect. Why? He doesn’t respect me or most Americans. He doesn’t even respect Republicans, he just wants your votes to keep power. He has been lying to you about the economy and job creation (More jobs were created under Barack Obama, just a fact people. Look it up, but use reliable sources). And Obama always tried to protect the American PEOPLE. His bailout from the financial crisis and of the auto industry, even showed that he protected business when needed. And he was born in the USA , not Kenya- another Trump lie! Donald just didn’t like a black man to get more praise and credit then him.) I guess we will have to believe him because he tells us “I am an extremely stable genius”!

Back to my rant. (It is much longer than I planned, but I have a lot to say.) But before that, I started writing this last night (Sunday) but continued today until I took a break to watch Deadline White House with John Heilman sitting in for Nichole Wallace. But I was disappointed when I saw that asshole, President Trump spouting off again to the press. Asked if he really did not take responsibility and questioned what ranking he would give his response to this crisis, He said (with a straight face) 10 out of 10. What a jerk.

Some (Trump supporters) will think that I am writing this just to complain because I want to see Donald Trump beaten like a dead horse in this year’s election. I will admit that maybe that is part of it. I will admit the truth unlike DJT. (I guess I am just one of those violent mobster Democrats. . I think those who know me know that is not true. I didn’t have a violent,raging psyche until now.)But, I want YOU to have a real conversation about this. Stop lying to yourself and your family. Donald has exhibited no competence in his role as President of the United States. In my 57 years, I have never seen a more self-absorbed, piece of sh*t then this child. I wasn’t around when Woodrow Wilson didn’t deal with the Spanish Flu Epidemic in 1918 . He was afraid of it making him and his administration look bad. Over 12,000 people died in Philadelphia alone. I wasn’t around when Herbert Hoover did not want to deal with the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. He directly opposed the involvement of the federal government. Luckily for the country, and thanks to a (hopefully similar to now) knowledgeable electorate who could see through the bullshit, FDR was elected and made great strides for this country.

I also get really pissed off by the Fox News commercials saying that democracy is our choice, while showing pictures of great Democratic presidents like FDR and JFK while at the same time pushing their right wing, Trump infused agenda.

A word about Fox News. They (and Republicans in general) were opposed to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which guaranteed medical coverage even if you had pre-existing conditions, they were against Medicare expansion which would have helped cover our poorest citizen in the states that accepted this benefit. Yes, it was too expensive for people, especially when we needed the money (we are told, we don’t have) for the corporate welfare of tax cuts. Anyway, don’t worry, Donald has the greatest, best, perfect plan for providing everyone with medical coverage, especially if you have pre-existing conditions. But, of course, you will have to wait until he gets a second term to find out the details. Wake me when he shows you plan (unless you can explain it to me now)!

Donald wants to run against the “Socialist” Bernie Sanders when he, Mr. Trump, is the biggest socialist of the all. The vast majority of Farm Aid went to large corporate farms, not individuals.

And back to Woodrow Wilson. The pandemic was made much worse because of a nursing shortage. There were a lot of black nurses, but he wouldn’t allow them to be used. Sound familiar, a racist president. This pandemic is pointing directly to our medical unpreparedness. From having enough Personal Protective Equipment available, to the scarcity of ICU beds to the possibility of infected medical personnel. Is Donald Trump responsible for this? No, but he should be responsible for finding solutions or at least acting like it’s important.

Yamiche Alcindor of the PBS News Hour, asked the President if he took any responsibility for HIS Administration disbanding the White House Office of Global Pandemic Preparedness. He said “I take no responsibility”. Let aside the fact that a president is supposed to be responsible for “everything” he said he did not know about this. An obvious lie, but if not, who was responsible, John Bolton. So convince me that Bolton had the ability (responsibility) to fire and disband a whole office within the White House. You are an absolute fool if you believe that. Or maybe you are just as ignorant as the President. Just another lying day at the White House.

He doesn’t accept any blame for the mishandling of customs reentry at the airports this weekend. What? You didn’t see. The long waits of four to eight hours for Americans quickly returning from Europe due to the immediate travel restrictions placed on air travel to and from Europe. Travellers were forced to wait in close quarters. When the Illinois Governor called the White House to complain, he was dressed down by a staffer for criticizing the President.

At least the Sports Leagues are taking this seriously, especially when Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was diagnosed with Coronavirus. Now a second player has been diagnosed: Donovan Mitchell. And a kid from Rhode Island who got an autograph from Gobert, has also been found to have the virus.

Now the NBA, NHL, and PGA have delayed their seasons, and the NCAA has canceled March Madness.

Trump is lucky. The Supreme Court has even delayed oral arguments about his obscured finances.

My advice to those Republicans who don’t believe in Coronavirus. Take your head out of your ass and open your eyes. Medical advice from your doctor is great, that is, unless it is inconvenient. You might believe their scientific advice if they say you need a hip replacement (and you have insurance) but they are ignorant Democrats if they tell you a pandemic will hit us if we don’t pay attention. Your ignorance is affecting me and everyone else in this country.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID – National Institute Of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (BTW- a graduate of my High School Alma Mater, Regis High School in NYC) and it seems, one of the few government officials who has been straightforward with us, has suggested, as much as possible, shutting down activity in this country. I hope this doesn’t piss off Trump enough to get him fired .

You may question the expression of my opinion. It is ALL I have. I cannot direct the Federal Government’s response. You may call me a complainer, you can call me anything you want, but I am worried about my family. All four of us are near or over 60. Thanks to the ACA I was able to get medical attention for my stroke and undiagnosed high blood pressure nearly ten years ago. And I am not the only one with a pre-existing condition. We even have a couple smokers, that is prime target for the respiratory distress that accompanies this virus.

So What are the recommendations? Stay home if you are sick, keep your social distance (6 feet), and vigorously wash your hands. AND Get tested if you think you’ve been exposed to the virus. If possible. Stay safe and take this seriously, please! Don’t be like that North Carolina woman who said she believes President Trump and that it is all a Democrat hoax. Delusional!

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