Donald Trump – He’s Dead Wrong

When Donald Trump was interviewed last night by George Stephanopolis, he was asked whether he would call the FBI if offered dirt on a opponent by a foreign government. After answering in the affirmative, he was told his FBI director said it was criminal. Here Donald Trump spoke up, saying “He is wrong.” But aide Hogan Gidley said “He was very clear, If he got information and it was nefarious or ill-gotten in any way and it was wrongdoing he would absolutely take it to the FBI.”

Another lie, another liar.

Maybe, just maybe, until now,Trump didn’t understand that this is against the law. He does not care. He will break whatever laws he wants (as president, no criminal charges assured). He is a criminal. He says that he has had a lot of shady characters offering him stuff. And he never called the FBI. That is because he is a criminal. He will do whatever it takes to win.

We have to vote this lying cheater out of office. He has NO moral center. HE is the same jerk he was when I watched him in the NY media growing up. People might like that he fights Congress and does whatever he wants. But really people, is this what we want in a president. We can do way better as a country.

I don’t think I will ever understand

Even Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush would be far superior in terms of moral judgment. Republicans who are still Republicans, I ask you this. Would you stand for your kid, your parents, your neighbors, or anyone you know, to be this oblivious to the law or to the truth?

Yes, Donald Trump is a scumbag of epic proportions. I don’t know how you, as Trump supporters, convince yourself that this guy is OK He and everyone around him LIES. Is appointing Right wing judges that important to you or do you just wish for the destruction of this country? I don’t think I will ever understand what keeps the Republicans coming back for more.

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