Donald Trump is a racist and You Are Too!

Donald Trump is a racist and you are too. Here is my argument. He and his father discriminated against African Americans in his housing project back in the 70’s and 80’s. Calling for the execution of exonerated accused Central Park Five. They were proven innocent by SCIENCE. A thing in which Donald Trump does not believe. Proven innocent by DNA, Trump still calls for their incarceration. But HE could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not get in trouble. This is because Bill Barr would cover-up the evidence. DNA samples would be denied, held back from Congress and the American People.

Next, Trump’s “disappointment” with Judge Curiel. Trump called this American Jurist a Mexican. I don’t know what Trump was complaining about. His students sued him for fraud over Trump University. What a laugh, Donald Trump, teaching, out of books, lol. Next up is birtherism. Yes Donald Trump is so intimidated by the legacy of Barack Obama that he still does everything he can to overturn the progress made by the forty fourth President. He said that Barack Obama was not born here and was not qualified to be president. Well, I must say, He was a lot more qualified than Trump. He took his responsibility to appoint professionals to the jobs which we expect to be held by non-corrupt people (more on this later). Next, his Muslim ban. He seeks to ban a whole religion of people who, for the most part, preach peace. There is NO difference between this small group of insurgents who claim their actions are led by God and the white supremacists (who also believe their mission is from God) in Charlottesville, WV. (and ElPaso,TX) But of course Trump lent them his “credibility” by saying there were good people on both sides. Now comes his proposal to ban all refugees from entering this country. Who’s an anti-semite now, Mr. Trump? Stopping Central American refugees now, who is next, the Jews again​, maybe Christians next time, maybe white men who are thrown out of their “shithole” countries (Another racist blather). The latest is just a continuation of his racist screed. Telling the Congress woman of color to go back to where they came from. Why doesn’t Donald Trump go back to the hole he slithered out of. This is NOT his country. (By the way, the Congresswomen do not hate this country, they just hate YOU.)

I was amazed at the racism demonstrated by his crowd in North Carolina. I spent nearly 10 years living in South Carolina and I didn’t feel (not that I would) the racism of those kind of people. Maybe it was buried in their character. But Donald Trump dug deep and made it OK to say out loud. He did not even attempt to stop the crowd chanting. He says he did not like it, but he has a funny way of showing disapproval. Of course, his comments on the following day raised up his followers and denigrated the Congresswomen.

Who hates this country? YOU. And your base. (base really describes your people) You want this country to be divided along racial lines. Forget all the progress that has been made over the past 50 or so years.

So, I’ve called Donald Trump a racist, but what about you. I apologize to all those reading this who agree with me about Trump’s racism, but to all those who support this man saying “Oh, I like the tax cuts and deregulation and the economy is doing great.” Well of course you ignore the fact that this economy was saved by Barack Obama. After the “great financiers” almost ruined this economy, these bankers were allowed under Mr. Trump to start ripping us off again. Plus, now that Obama is gone, let’s give back all the money to these pariahs. Anyway, your excusing this guy by citing the economy is self serving and racist.

AND Trump does not care about Human Rights. This past week, Chinese agents from the mainland were sent to beat up protesters in Hong Kong. Donald Trump cites some disturbances there but did not condemn the acts. The administration told the Chinese that we would not interfere with whatever actions they take. Standing up for Human Rights. Another failure by this President.

So let’s take a look at the Swamp Thing(his cabinet).

Trump took office claiming that he would appoint the BEST people. Anything BUT. (not finished, but, I’m gonna post what I’ve got anyway)

First, Vice President Pence. He could not even look at the immigrants being caged at the border. Where is his Christian Compassion. Oh it only applies to white men! If that is evangelicalism I want no part.

Then there is the rest of his “acting” secretaries. They say he likes it this way, not confirming anyone so that congress cannot exercise oversight. Let’s look at his choices.

Sonny Perdue – Sec. Of Agriculture Probably the most sycophantic head of an agency. He has forced all the scientists at the USDA (Department of Agriculture) to immediately (30 days) accept a move with their families to Kansas City, MO. The Agriculture Department has NO science offices there. It is a blatant attempt to destroy the scientific progress made by these individuals. He (Donald Trump) doesn’t like the scientific facts uncovered by these professionals regarding global warning and crop failures. We don’t want to know. Why is this government spending money to prove that we are ruining (zxf) this planet? NO, WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW! That’s OK we are only going to lose 80% or 90% of our scientific brain trust.(hardship cases are being denied out of hand, You have MS, You have cancer, too bad, screw you!)

Alex Azar – Secretary of Labor (resigned) This man cut a deal with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to avoid jail. Another Rich White Man being given advantage because of who he pays off. This is probably the most egregious choice. The man that is responsible for thwarting human trafficking should not be an individual who does not take human trafficking seriously, but then again, neither does Trump.

Tom Price – Health and Human Services (resigned) Pretending to care about spending, this man’s first class travel was just one of his corrupt practices. Oh, he is a Cabinet Secretary, he can spend like that, oh no, bad press, get rid of him.

Rob Porter – Staff Secretary (resigned or fired) Accused by both ex-wives of domestic violence. Why should that matter. Otherwise, I like him. Vetting, what’s that. My only vetting is that they are criminals.

Elaine Chao – Secretary of Transportation Mitch McConnell’s wife. I believe her whole family is corrupt, including her Russia loving husband. First, she refused for the longest time to sell her stock in the biggest asphalt producer in the country. Then, she had her agency approve $78 million for her husband’s state, to give him a leg up in his reelection campaign. (He really needs it,) This is technically not illegal, but it is all kinds of corrupt. She planned an official government meeting that was to feature her families’ Chinese Shipping firm. This was all before the State Department canceled the trip citing it as “alarmingly inappropriate”.

Scott Pruit

Wilber Ross

Ryan Zinke

Mike Flynn

Mick Mulvaney

Ben Carson

Betsy Devos

Steve Mnuchin

Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump

Don Junior

Eric Trump

The Trump Organization

The Trump Foundation

Carl Icahn

Roger Stone

Paul Manfort

Michael Cohen

Elliot Broidy

Rick Gates

Brock Long

George Pappadopoulis

Carter Page

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