Donald Trump suggests that the American People will demand he stays in the White House.

The only thing I can think of that the American People will demand is Donald Trump in handcuffs and a prison jumpsuit. At least that is what I would demand. I guess we should let him have his delusions.

Delusions of Grandeur

So, he is deluded about the polls. His pollsters, whom he has subsequently fired, had to leak this to the news so that he would be confronted with (and have to acknowledge) the data captured. So the polls show him behind every major Democrat in the race. (No they don’t. Don’t believe anything I say. It is all fake news anyway)

I heard he was telling everyone that Queen Elizabeth enjoyed his company more than anyone else’s in decades. Let him believe it. (There is no comparison between DJT and Ronald Reagan or Winston Churchill or the scores of other celebrities and politicians she has met with. ?I don’t know that she has met the Fox & Friends crew?)

Until He is Led

I say let him believe it, until he is led out of the Oval office in handcuffs. I don’t usually wish this on anyone, let alone, the President of the United States. But just as he believes, he is special.

No president has ever broken the law in such a spectacular fashion. No president can compare with the lies and inattention (and sucking up to Russia). He better hope one of those conservative judges he appointed is assigned his case. Oh, that’s right. Those judges don’t hear criminal cases. But I’ll bet that he (DJT) doesn’t know that.

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