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I call myself a liberal. When a situation is described to me I inevitably come down on the side of liberalism. I consider myself a moderate progressive, in most things I think I am middle of the road. I may not be progressive enough for some (or too liberal for others). In most situations I come down on the side of LGBT and non-whites and immigrants and women. I stand with all the groups of people who are discriminated against (but not white supremacists). I get worked up when people are discriminated against because of who they are. This is one of my main issues. The personal causes I feel most strongly are:

  1. Corruption
  2. Health Care
  3. Climate Change
  4. Voter Suppression
  5. Guns
  6. Discrimination

I come down on the progressive side on most issues, but like many other liberals there are a lot of issues that I don’t prioritize (For instance, calls for restructuring Student Loan Debt, or African American Reparations, I could get behind researching approaches, but they are not MY highest priorities.)

I don’t know that these issues make me a progressive but these issues are NOT of concern to most elected republicans. As far as I can tell, they only care about making tons of money, paying low taxes, and keeping power in whatever way necessary. I used to believe that the Republicans were … (I don’t know what I believed about Republicans, They said they were FOR NO deficits or spending, but then they cut corporate taxes, eschew ALL spending, even for things we need, and they stand clearly for the corruption of our constitutional order). I used to have begrudging respect for them, but now I loathe their party.

I am pissed off!

Ask my nephew how I feel about cheating. When he was 10 years old he came to visit me in South Carolina. We sat at the kitchen table to play cards. When he cheated at the card game, I quit, letting him know in no uncertain terms the Cheating was not acceptable. I did not cut him a break when he started crying because I called him out for his cheating. This emotional reaction to being called out was no excuse for getting caught cheating. I would not yield as I felt it was imperative that he learn this lesson: Cheating is NEVER acceptable. I guess my lessons weren’t strong enough. Now, he and his father both accept lying and cheating to win. I am disappointed my lessons did not take hold.

I salute winning by outwitting and out maneuvering your opponents. This was not that.

The Republicans cheated and lied and I am pissed off!

I am especially pissed off at Lindsay Graham. That parasitic bootlicker.

There were times when George Bush pissed me off, but at least he acted within the rules. Now, the Republicans say “We don’t like the Rules, so we aren’t going to follow them!” and to that I say, “Fuck You!”

My Purpose

From before election day and onward it has been a fast build of corrupt practices by this administration

The reason I started this blog is I heard all these lies from the President with his attacks on Democrats as mob instigators. This really pissed me off and although I might not be looking in the right places,I felt the lies did not receive the push back I would have hoped for. Anyway, every lie the President and his people propagate, brings this country closer and closer to authoritarianism. At first I thought everyone could see through his BS, but I should have recognized the electoral trend, People did not care. Well I am here to offer a forum and to call out the President and his fellow Republicans. There are a lot of calls for everyday people to do something. Well this is what I am doing. I offer my opinions in the IMLEO section. IMLEO means In My Humble Liberal Elite Opinion. I also offer my opinions on Trump and the Republicans in my blog posts.

ECLE Gear offers products in opposition to this president. Whatever your position, enjoy this site in whatever way you can.

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