Enlightened Conversationalist

We are searching for individuals who are good writers who can explore many facets of a given issue. We are looking for unpaid opinion writers in the following categories: women, youth, healthcare, guns, military, justice, world, general. The “enlightened conversationalist” will be asked to address certain issues (if none is clawing at the author) in posts every 2 weeks, or more if desired. The political leanings of the writers will not be taken into account, although liberal leaning content will be promoted first. The “EC” will post a column in the “LE” Leading Expression section.

The “ECLE” opinions will be publicized in whatever way we choose (right now, just a planned newsletter). If you are interested in filling any of the EC positions in any category then drop me an email bobby@ecle.us. Include anything you might think adds to your credibility. Although these positions are unpaid, all writers will share in 10% of profits in the immediate proceeding 3 month period (Jan share paid in April, Feb share paid in May, etc. – based on # of words/articles, to be determined) Part Time Writers are encouraged to apply.