Fuck You, Donald Trump!

Please excuse my colorful language, but I am pissed. WE, as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA are holding/imprisoning babies, yes babies and children less than ten years old in border facilities in Texas. Some have been locked up for 30 days or more with no toothbrush and no soap and no access to clean themselves. They are forced to try to sleep on bare floors. They are even forced to take care of themselves. 7 and 8 year olds, tending to babies, because the border agents are to incompetent or uncaring (or not tasked) to change a diaper.

MY Country

We outlawed torture for Al Queda, “that” was cruel and inhumane punishment. Why is MY country acting so contemptibly. These people and departments (DHS/DOJ) represent us. I hear these children will be moved to tent facilities. This is frickin’ Texas in the middle of summer. I lived there for 10 years. It is HOT.

Didn’t we Stop Separating Families

Mostly. Family separation are down to about 700 in 6 months vs 2500 in 2 months. But these kids are not accompanied by their parent. They are accompanied by their grandparents or older siblings. These are not, by US Law, “FAMILY” because they are not biological mothers or fathers. Yes, this is a law that needs to be addressed. But that is not the crux of the problem. It is not that we are separating them, although this is also an issue.

Hot Vacation

HOT Vacation Why don’t you and Javanka take a vacation there on the border. And, oh, don’t bring any toiletries, you won’t need them, or you can’t have them. This is REAL news even though Donald Trump does not want you to believe it. Hey Donald bring your golf clubs, you may need them to ward off rattlesnakes, I know you can’t run so fast. With all that fat and those bone spurs.

YOU are responsible

I never really thought through this before, but if YOU support Donald Trump, YOU are responsible for this atrocity. You can try to hide your culpability, but THIS IS YOUR FAULT. I invite you to comment if you disagree, or if you agree. But I am pissed. I would really like to hear why YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME.

Have to scroll down

As I am writing this in WordPress, I have to scroll down past the picture of Trump’s smug face in the posted picture. He is an ugly MF with his self-righteous face. I really have a hard time looking at him.

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