Liberal Elite

I used to shy away from presenting myself as a liberal. Although my views were decidedly progressive,

I lived in unapologetically conservative bastions of this country. I did not want to get into policy arguments that the other side would not listen to in good faith, due to intransigence of long held beliefs. Having returned to the liberal bastion that is NJ, I am finished hiding behind my convictions, and I am now proud to proclaim, out loud, I AM A LIBERAL. That may not be appreciated in Ocean County, this conservative corner of the state.

I am not claiming that I alone am an East Coast Liberal Elite. In fact, I may not be AS liberal as some of the readers of this blog. AND some will dispute my “hijacking” of the term “elite” to describe myself and my experience. Please join me here at East Coast Liberal and proclaim YOUR status as a liberal e-leader.

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