Mitch McConnell is a Russian Agent

This is what I believe. Now let’s look at the facts. In 2016, before the election Mitch McConnell was briefed by the FBI that Russia was interfering with our election. Not only did he refuse to tell us, the American people, that it was happening. He refused then, as he refuses now, to take any actions that would discourage them from doing this. Yes, I believe Mitch McConnell is a Russian sleeper agent, placed here to do whatever he can to ruin this country. He wants the Russians to interfere, as that is the only way he gets reelected. I hold out hope that Kentuckians will do the right thing and throw Mitch an early retirement party.

He shares this communist vision of our country with his corrupt wife, Elaine Chao. They, as a couple, are doing everything they can to bring this country down while filling their pockets. She has siphoned money from her department, the Department of Transportation to help him get elected in Kentucky. Yes, Mitch McConnell loves his (wife) situation. They are both communists. Mitch, Russian and Elaine, Chinese. Perfect together.

Now, Mitch McConnell has decided to screw the whole country. He refuses to bring a bipartisan election protection bill before Congress, even for a vote. Not only is this a bipartisan bill, but Mitch McConnell refusing to protect our vote, our democracy, is shameful. He promises only conservative judges and nothing else. He refused any progress by the Obama administration because he is a communist luddite. I apologize to the real communists who believe what they say. Bring on Obamacare, as I expect another heart issue, as Mitch sells out our country and our courts. Don’t believe the Republicans who call the Democrats Socialists. Be careful Republicans, the term Socialist may be misconstrued by young voters to mean Socialist Media. Hey Mitch, why don’t you just tell the truth? You ARE a Communist.

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