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The following links are to custom keyword filtered and sourced rss news feeds.

Trump Feed

Filtered Keywords: trump, trump administration, trump family, trump organization, trump foundation, impeachment, executive branch

Feed Sources: CNN, Reuters, Washington Post

Climate Feed

Filtered Keywords: climate,environment, sea level, rising ocean, hurricane, ice caps, carbon dioxide, disaster

Feed Sources: Miami Herald, Huffington Post Green, France 24

Healthcare Feed

Filtered Keywords: health, care, hospital, medicare, medicaid, insurance, prescription, drug

Feed Sources: Huffington Post Health, Reuters, CNBC, LA Times

Guns Feed

Filtered Keywords: gun,revolver,pistol,shooting, automatic, semi-automatic, NRA, violence

Feed Sources: Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
Houston Chronicle

Democracy Feed

Filtered Keywords: vote, voting, gerrymander, constitution, authoritarian, dictator, Putin

Feed Sources: Washington Post, Time, HuffPo Politics

Racism Feed

Filtered Keywords: race, racial, discrimination, white power, black power, gender, LGBTQ, identity politics, Charlotteville, KKK, Latino, America Indian

Feed Sources: Huffpo Black Voices, LA Times, Think Progress

Economy Feed

Filtered Keywords: Treasury, Tax, GDP, Economy, Economic, Market, Trade

Feed Sources: CNBC, Bloomberg View, Financial Times, Wall St. Journal, Freakonomics

Justice Feed

Filtered Keywords: Justice, Court, Criminal, Justice Reform, FBI, DOJ, AG, Attorney General, Law and Order, investigation

Feed Sources: Yahoo News, Daily Kos, CBS

World Feed

Filtered Keywords: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, United Nations, DOD, Department of Defense, war, military

Feed Sources: Mother Jones, BBC, France 24, Toronto Star, Al Jazeera

“Other” Feed

Filtered Keywords: education, interior, immigration, police, law enforcement, military, tariff

Feed Sources: Talking Points Memo, Time, Buzzfeed

From Russia with Love

Filtered Keywords: None

Feed Sources: RT, Sputnick