Shame, Shame, Shame!

On You!

For those who originally supported Donald Trump, I will give you a pass for your initial support of this lying joker we call President. You were warned but you voted what you thought was your interests. Now he is a Proven Liar and a Proven Law Breaker for all the subpoenas he and his administration are ignoring. If he complied with any/all of them he would be held out as a Liar and Law Breaker. And more to your point, he would be proven a crappy businessman, the Biggest Loser OAT (of all time).

You were Warned!

Even though you were warned about his moral turpitude, you figured, hell what can “I” get out of this.

I guess that is how everyone votes:selfishly You support abortion restrictions, tax cuts for the wealthy, limited government spending, federal judges who believe like you, and voter suppression (along racial lines). Well you got what you wanted with this Bozo and criminal. I hope you are happy with yourself. Meanwhile his policies abuse you, unless you are one of the ultra-rich.

How do you still support him? A lying crook who makes up his own facts.

Two Years

After two years of getting what you want, aren’t you just a little concerned about his autocratic tendencies. First Robert Mueller says no “criminal intent” to enter into a conspiracy (they just relied on Russia’s work product). Then, what’s the first thing his campaign does? Rudy Giuliani plans a trip to gather dirt on Joe Biden’s son from the Ukranians. If there was no ‘collusion’ initially, then I hold that Rudy’s actions prove conspiracy intent. By the way Rudy, why aren’t you one of the 800 or so federal prosecutors who have signed a letter saying they would have prosecuted Trump for Obstruction.

I guess it proves that you were a crappy prosecutor (and/or a lap licking sycophant).

Another Chance

Any way people, you have another chance to change your view. The 2020 election is on the horizon.

Please vote anything but orange. You have an opportunity to repent for your selfish actions.

If you still support this man, a proven liar and criminal, YOU are responsible for the loss of our democracy. It is YOUR FAULT. Don’t complain when the press is shutdown and DJT arrests his enemies, and I expect you’ll be chanting “Lock him Up” about me while I am thrown in jail for only expressing my views that DONALD TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL.

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