Robert Mueller – Testify

Some say that by testifying you will be loading the scales of justice in favor of the Democrats. But I say that by NOT testifying you are loading the scale in BIG favor of the President. Every moment you are silent, he disparages you, your team, and the work that you faithfully accomplished. Some, like […]

Justin Amash – Read the Report

Congressman Justin Amash a very conservative Republican from Michigan announced that as a result of actually reading the Mueller report, he was now in support of Impeachment proceedings. Mr. Amash is a principled tea-party republican who understands the stress placed on our system by a president who breaks the law. He believes, as do I, […]

Russia, If You are Listening

Stay the F*ck Away from Our Elections. Of all the conclusions in the Mueller Report this is the most disturbing. All the Trump folks want to talk about is the president’s liability, or lack thereof. They, and their president want to ignore this conclusion, waiting for it to happen again, more help. This is why […]