Victim of Love

Yes we have a winner. Donald Trump. For all his faults, he plays this role to perfection.

First, he “suggests” that his campaign, and he, were SPIED on by people in the OTHER party.

Then he says that he completely cooperated with “the witch hunt”. Finally, he claims that after his “exoneration”, democrats are hung up on finding something to pin on him. “I AM A VICTIM” he all but types to his Twitter followers. Support Me cause I have been wronged.

YOU are stupid if YOU believe this crap. First, it is the JOB of the FBI to investigate credible contacts, threats, and meetings with foreign adversary governments. You will never be able to convince me that this is wrong. YOU ARE WRONG and I am glad for my free speech to say that you are full of shit if you accept this. The FBI ONLY investigated, lawfully, they didn’t take any actions.

Also, the claim of executive privilege is bullshit.

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